Magic Studio Maribor

About the club


Magic Studio Maribor is the oldest slovenian magic club. Founded in Maribor in 1993 it evolved from a small gathering of people (5 to be exact) to a full blown magic club. Club has more than 60 members who brought home over 20 trophies and "grand prix" awards from various magic competitions (domestic and international) including the prestigious FISM award brought "home" by our beloved club president and magician Wladimir!


In year 2013 we moved to a beautifull new club which we now call home! It is a dream come true for every amateur and professional magician. We meet there once a month and enjoy each others company and magic. The club is also a favourite practice place for members preparing for competitions as it provides everything an artist needs.

If you want to join the club you are more than welcome. Check the appropriate section of the website and hope to see you at our next monthly meeting!